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Larry and Corinne Silverman are considered to be by many, a "Mom and Dad" in the faith.  They have been in the ministry since 1976 and have planted several churches serving many years in the role of pastor.  They are well acquainted with the needs of the local church, both large and small.  As a result of this they have been involved in planting a new church in Citrus County, Florida, which is Florida's beautiful Nature Coast.

Both Larry and Corinne have a proven prophetic ministry and move very strongly in the word of knowledge.  For years they have moved in a strong healing and deliverance ministry.  They see many signs, wonders and miracles take place both in and out of their meetings.  Larry says, "The Kingdom of God must be advanced!  The best way to do so is through teaching the truths of New Covenant Grace as this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Larry and Corinne also help in church planting as they have a strong passion for seeing new churches planted in a saturation form.  The Silvermans are in relationships with many, well respected ministries and have several of them available to help with counsel and direction.                             

For 12 years prior to church planting in Florida they, along with their travel companion, Rascal the Budgie, traveled and lived full time in a 37 foot Winnebago motor home, "Pilgrim I."  God used them to help bring and sustain revival in churches all across the nation.  Now their efforts are geared to raising up a very dynamic local church ministry who's foundation is the wonderful truths of New Covenant Grace.

Larry has several degrees, including a Master in Psychology and Counseling, a Master of Ministry, and a Doctor in Psychology and Counseling.  Larry is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.  He also has an extensive Internet ministry, being moderator of several online forums, as well as writes a blog, "The River is Here." (www.larrysilverman.blogs.com)


Corinne moves powerfully in a proven prophetic, teaching ministry.  When she ministers she often releases revelation with power, yet with the love of a mother.  Her revelation of being, "God's Favorite Daughter," is released by her to Sisters all over the nation.  When Corinne prays for and ministers to a person their life changes for the better!

In their quest for Kingdom Revival, the Silverman's minister to any group of any size.  Their heart is to serve the Church in all of Her forms!

Feel free to contact them about meetings in your area.......

Larry & Corinne Silverman
New Covenant Grace Fellowship
PO Box 542
Hernando, FL 34441

email: nhministry@yahoo.com
cell phone: 616.291.9568

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